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I have to admit something. And that's this post is the one I'm most excited for you to read. Even during our trip, I told my husband that I couldn't wait to blog about this. So without further ado, here is Chicago Sports!

blackhawks the statue Untitled jumpman Untitled bulls office memorabilia room

United Center
This is home to the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, & the famous Michael Jordan statue. This was the only place on our entire itinerary that we were excited about, honestly.
When the Bulls won Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, we realized that Game 6 would be in Chicago on the weekend we were planning to go. So we hoped and prayed and even purchased the tickets prior to our trip. We were left so disappointed as the Bulls pulled a monumental fail and the Heat won the next 4 games straight.
That didn't stop us though from wanting to finally take a photo with the Michael Jordan statue. My husband was completely starstruck by it. It was like actually meeting Michael Jordan, but not really. We must've made a scene since an employee who worked for the Bulls organization noticed us. She was kind enough to offer a photo op where our entire family could be in one photo. So nice of her. But the best part comes next.
We chatted for a bit & we voiced how our plans changed because there would be no Game 6 that evening. She then offered to give us a personal tour of the Bulls administrative offices in lieu of the loss. To be honest with you, I would've taken that tour any day over a game. We were able to see where meetings happen, decisions about trades and signings were to be made, & even got to view their memorabilia room. We got to sit on the actual bench the Championship Bulls team did! I know, we don't have many pictures. Because to be honest with you, we were speechless the entire time.

soldier field in the distance da bears field Untitled

Soldier Field
After the United Center, we headed straight to Soldier Field. Now there wasn't a game or some statue we could pose in front of. But I'm a huge Jay Cutler fan, so this place holds a special place in my heart. This has to be the most beautiful football stadium we have ever visited. After a quick Google search, I understand why- it was rebuilt in 2003.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled view from the rooftop deck seats across the way perfect day for a ballgame

Wrigley Field
Remember what I wrote about Yankee Stadium from our New York trip last year? Now imagine that feeling 10 fold. That's exactly how I felt about Wrigley Field. From the moment we stepped on to the train and were sardined between Cubs fans & Mets fans alike to actually sitting down in our seats to watch them play, I was in pure awe. I could not believe that we were actually watching a game here, one of the oldest baseball stadiums to date.
The stadium has that old, historic feel which I love. Everyone again was incredibly friendly and we were even given a "First Game at Wrigley" memento for our family. The backdrop of Wrigley was also so beautiful. The train ran frequently giving Michael something to anticipate and the fans on the rooftop seats were entertaining.
The ticket prices were not bad at all. And it definitely helped that we didn't have to pay for parking. We ordered your typical ballpark foods: hot dogs & nachos. Doesn't it seem foods like that are more delicious when you're watching a ball game?
Oh and the Cubs won.


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