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We're currently.... 

Admiring my husband/Michael's Daddy. I know I say this all the time, but I wonder sometimes how he fits a full time job, the gym, his business when he gets home, being Michael's Dad, being my husband, finishing books, watching sports etc. etc. all in one day. While getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. (The others are more like 8+.)

Caring about all of his toys. Since Michael was younger, he's never been the type to want to destroy his toys, meaning, throw them at the wall or eat them. Hah. I feel he's always cared about his toys and made sure they're in the right place. Even when he creates a "mess" it's a clean mess. (See picture above.)

Loving Michael's school. I'm surprised every day by the activities that they come up with, the daily reports his teachers give us, and the progress he's been making. I also love how his teachers put emphasis on how he has to continue to master the lessons Michael learns at school, at home. They also have a computer check-in, where events are posted, his teachers leave me even more messages, AND the Director leaves notes for parents too.

Cleaning everything. All the time. Hey, it's Spring time, which means, Spring cleaning.

Creating tons of colorful works of art. I really give credit to Michael's school for bringing out his creative side. Not only is he loving the coloring activities at school, but he's really enjoying it now at home. Thank goodness I saved all those crayons that restaurants give him.

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