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Learning, Gathering, Giving, Working, Playing

We're currently.... 

Learning how to cut, trace, and color.  Each afternoon, Michael's teacher writes a report for parents about things that their child does everyday and what to continue to help them with when at home.  I really appreciate these reports since Michael is only in school 2 days, giving me the rest of the week to practice with him.  It's pretty amazing if you think about it: having to learn how to cut, trace, and color all over again.

Gathering small toys.  As in, this small.  Michael has never been the type to put toys in his mouth, so we've introduced him to the wonderful world of Legos. (Also thanks to our Legoland trip.)  Each afternoon, he would gather every single mini toy that he has and line them up against the window, while they wait for all the lizards to come out.  It's pretty cute.

Giving all sorts of Mothers Day & Teacher Appreciation gifts. Mothers and Teachers, some of the greatest jobs in the world.

Working on school work.  Michael's not the only one in school.  I still am. It's crunch time, as my graduation is approaching in a month. I couldn't be more excited but the workload is still just as demanding. My husband has been working crazy hard too, since there have been some moving and shaking in his department.

Playing all the time. And really rough too.  We've been wrestling and jumping and just going crazy. (Hey, it burns more calories right?)  We've also been pretending we're super heroes.  Michael's choice? You guessed it. The one pictured up top.

Hoping, Reading, Wearing, Making, Planning



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