Currently | 05/30/13


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Borrowing, Dancing, Building, Throwing, Buying

We're currently.... 

Borrowing nothing. Honestly, I dislike borrowing things from people. I'm actually peeved by it. (Especially when people ask, "Can I borrow Michael?" Wait, huh?) Now if someone asks me to borrow something, I'm more than willing to hand it over to them.

Dancing and being good at it. Michael's class is practicing their song and dance for their spring concert & every afternoon when I receive his Daily Report, his teacher ALWAYS mentions his good dancing.

Building and Throwing K-cups. You know, those coffee/tea pods that you put into a fancy schmancy Keurig machine. My husband and I bought this huge box of k cups at Costco and Michael is taking joy in it as his new play toy. He's been taking them out of the box, building tall walls with them, & throwing them back into the box, only to repeat it once again.

Buying flowers for our home. My husband and I are trying to not only add color into our home, but life as well. I decided to make a pit stop at a florist on the way home from dropping Michael off this morning and picked up some of my favorites: tulips.

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  1. So I'm not the only one who hates borrowing? There's something about being indebted to someoene that I really dislike.