Movie Monday | 05/13/13

MoviePremium Rush
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Okay, the movie in itself was pretty entertaining. You can't go wrong with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Downside- But everything else was all sorts of wrong. The story became wacky as you watched more and more. My husband and I actually kept repeating horrible lines from the movie to each other for a good week, as an inside joke. The acting was horrible too. (I can't believe Joseph Gordon-Levitt signed on with this project.) I'm being really generous with the 3 !s.

MovieBroken City
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- This movie was pretty entertaining too. You too can't go wrong with Mark Wahlberg too.
Downside- But the ending just dropped like nothing. Where was Mark Wahlberg going? Or his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, whatever she was? What happened to Catherine Zeta Jones? And Russell Crowe? So many questions left unanswered.

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  1. I HATE when movies end with so many questions left unanswered! That said I will probably still see the film. Thank you for the wonderful review xo

    1. I heard the same reviews but still watched it. Dammit Mark.