CPK Tour & Pizza Making

Michael's playgroup had an awesome playdate lined up today. We toured our local California Pizza Kitchen and the kids made their very own pizzas. The kids got to choose what pizzas they wanted to make too. I asked Michael which he wanted & he answered with an excited "pineapple!" We knew at that point he wanted to make a Hawaiian style pizza.

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While the pizzas cooked, we toured the kitchen area of the restaurant. It was a surprise to me how incredibly small it was back there. But it was so clean, despite the hustle and bustle that was already happening. We actually were able to have the playdate before their normal business hours. Who knew there was so much prep that needed to be done before they opened.

The kids were able to wash their hands in the many sinks they had, pour their own drinks, go into the refrigerator room, and meet the manager of the restaurant.

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And of course, they all enjoyed their pizzas afterwards.


The summer day would also not be complete without some water play.

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