Creating and Living (YMM! Style)


Ashley blogged today & I couldn't have said it more perfectly:
"I’ve sat down to write a few times, but it felt forced.
I’ve had plenty to share,
plenty of adventures,
and thoughts,
and lessons learned…
But the words just weren’t finding me.
And since writing is my vehicle for “creation”,
and I need to create in order to keep my sanity…
Well, I’ve turned to other forms of expression–other outlets, over the last few weeks.
Many a batch of cookies have been baked (and eaten).
Pennant banners have been glued and strung,
chalkboards have been constructed,
and mason jars have been painted.
I almost forgot how good it felt to create something tangible.
Something I can hold in my hands.
Something I can see and feel and be proud of."
I'm using her words as inspiration today. To help and not force this blog post. As I look back at this past week, I've realized that I've been creating in ways that I didn't know seemed possible.:
  • Creating a new relationship with a job opportunity.
  • Creating stronger friendships through positive communication.
  • Creating a new mentality on a healthier and more intentional lifestyle.
  • Creating more meals in the kitchen.
  • Creating stories with our vivid imaginations.
  • Creating a home.
And for some reason, with this simple post, I feel accomplished.

What was the last thing you created?


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