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Building, Forming, Sharing, Dreading, Singing

We're currently.... 

Building confidence. Michael has been amazing at school drop offs and pick ups lately. He's actually been leading me to drop off his stuff into his cubby each morning, gives me a kiss, and proceeds to play with his friends. But with that, come different challenges that we as a family must work on. That includes taking turns and not being so rough during outdoor time. Life of a parent.

Forming Father's Day plans. Thanks Ot and Et for the inspiration on this theme.

Sharing what he learns at school with everyone. Last night, Michael proudly shared what he's been learning at school with some friends who came over. Everything from his ABCs and 123s, to different Montessori jobs, to pointing out who is who in his class picture.

Dreading my graduation on Saturday. Don't get me wrong. I'm very excited, happy, and proud of myself. But there's just something about these events that gives me anxiety. The thousands of people, the one parking entrance and exit, making sure myself and my family gets there on time, saving 8 seats, etc.

Singing in the shower. My husband usually takes a bath the same time Michael does, but in separate bathrooms (since Michael loves to hog up all the water.)  My husband loves singing in the shower, which we know since we can hear him from our side of the house. Long story short, Michael imitates this by shouting at the top of his lungs.

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  1. I'm happy to hear that drop off's are going better :) Isn't it funny how one thing improves and another challenge (or two or three) emerge almost immediately. They sure do love to keep us on our toes!