Hump Day Dump | 06/19/13

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The morning weather in southern California is perfect. We've been taking advantage and going on stroller walks almost every morning. Usually though, once our 2 miles are done, we're packed and ready to go run errands. Or back home to shower. Not this morning. Instead of rushing out of the park, we decided to hang out a little. And explore. Go treasure hunting. Get our knees dirty. Water the plants. Say hello to fellow walkers, dog walkers, elderly couples, runners, and soccer teams there for their morning practice. Take tons of pictures and videos to send Daddy. (Even though he forgot his phone at home.) Run down hills. Run away from bugs. Look up at all the airplanes. And birds. Explain each and every part of nature. Bask in the sunshine. And enjoy each other's company. Because these moments in life are truly rare. And it was a reminder again to slow down, even for just 20 minutes. And not rush on to the next.


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