Our Weekend

The weekends are never short of exciting, that's for sure.

We started the weekend off with Michael's End of School Year Luau. Our Friday consisted of water play, water slides, pizza, more running, meeting other parents for the first time, and an almost 3 hour nap!

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On Saturday morning, I attended the MOMS Club End of Year Luau. (It's that time of year when I really make the most of that one Hawaiian dress hanging in my closet for the other 11 months of the year.) I couldn't stay for too long, but it was long enough for me to win 2 prizes! So awesome! It was great seeing the club as a whole too, since not all families can make it to each and every playdate. Us included.

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While there, my husband took Michael to our local Lowe's, where they hosted their Monsters University Build & Grow workshop. Michael was able to build his very own Monsters University box, where he could keep all his treasures, i.e. our iPhones, keys, loose change, that sort of thing. Not only that, each child was able to take home their own apron, complete with a patch saying that you completed the Monsters University workshop, goggles, and a certificate. Plus it's FREE.

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That evening, after church and on our way to dinner, our SUV had a transmission scare. (See! Exciting!)  After a failed attempt at getting gas and the car's inability to move past first gear, we made it home safely. Only to leave again to make it to our dinner date.

On Sunday morning, we headed over to Harkins Theatres for their first showing of Monsters University, which happened to be Michael's first time at the theater. First off, when did movie tickets and popcorn get so expensive? Second, when did kids start bringing iPads to the theater? Third, is it necessary to have 20 bagillion previews and commercials before every film? Hahaha It's been quite some time since we watched a movie in the theater. I felt like I was asking my husband all these random questions.

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Anyhoo, Michael did great at the theater, minus the million times he mentioned that he had to go pee. (Yeah, don't go to the theater if you're potty training. Hence, the towel he's sitting on. But we'll get into that more at another time.) Harkins is a pretty awesome place to take your kids or go for a date night. They give you the option of also using their booster seats, which gives smaller kids like Michael a better view of the movie. Of course, Michael preferred to sit on his own, like the big boy that he is. If parents want to go for a date night & can't find care, some Harkins Theatres like our local one actually have a child care area for no extra charge.

Whew. That's it.  How was your weekend?


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