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Trying, Wearing, Choosing, Laughing, Tasting

We're currently.... 

Trying potty training in full force. Meaning, no diapers. (Okay, well maybe just at night.) We just decided the other day to do it since we were in need of more pull ups. I had to make a CVS run when I just decided to skip the pull ups and go full force with this potty training business. We're making some progess. Keyword, some.

Wearing all blue everything. I didn't mean to dress him in all blue today. I didn't even notice until my husband pointed it out when I sent him our morning photo iMessages. (Photos above.) You can't see it, but his undies & socks are blue too.

Choosing to bring these to school. One of Michael's uncles surprised him last night with them and he's been obsessed ever since. Our bedtime routine usually consists of some quiet movie watching and stories, but he opted to play with these instead. Up until the point of exhaustion. And first thing he requested this morning? His Woody car. You can see again in the photo above that he wanted to show them off to the camera. Then it took some heavy negotiation with him to leave them in his backpack instead of carrying them in hand into his classroom.

Laughing at all the videos on my iPhone. My husband keeps reminding me that I need to delete old pictures and videos since I'm reaching the limit on memory space. But I can't. When I try to go and delete things, I end up passing the time, smiling, laughing, and reminiscing all things Michael.

Tasting every fruit on the face of this planet. It doesn't matter. Blueberries, watermelon, apples, bananas, strawberries, melon, honeydew, pears... You name it. Michael will taste it. And love it.

Loving, Losing, Remembering, Clearing, Picking




  1. Michael looks like such a gorgeous little boy!

  2. I have to offload all my pics and videos from my iPhone at least twice a month because of storage. What ever did people do before smartphones! Happy Thursday :)

  3. I have to empty my phone so often because I take too many pictures lol. Good luck with the potty training!