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Loving, Losing, Remembering, Clearing, Picking

We're currently.... 

Loving how we're seeing our living room again. Yesterday, we sold the tv that was sitting in Michael's room, which happened to be seated atop our coffee table. We sold the tv simply because Michael nor us watch tv in that room. The coffee table was in his room because we needed a stand for the tv & it just worked out since we needed all the crawling and walking space in our living room. Now that Michael is much older and more careful, we're able to put things back in their place. Our house is looking like a home once again, rather than 1 big den.

Losing but finding things again. When we moved the coffee table back, guess what we found under and behind it? Yup. The other halves of some plastic Easter eggs, parts of toys, missing trains, etc. Finding these toys is like Christmas all over again.

Remembering everything! I seriously can't believe how good Michael's memory is. Even things that we have not directly done to or with him, he remembers. For instance, this morning, he asked where the  "big tv" in his room was. He has NEVER asked about that tv since we were given it. Even those times when he's wanted to watch tv, he's wanted to watch in the living room.

Clearing out basically every closet in our house. Even when we think that we have "spring cleaned" everything, there is still more to be done. Michael is growing out of clothes and with his "new" room (without the tv & coffee table taking up a 1/3 of it,) I'm finding even more things to clear out in there. And for some reason, when we see a family member or friend, they come bearing gifts for him. Meaning, we have to clear or at least hide some older ones.

Picking our battles carefully. Honestly, try it. Instead of tackling every single issue, happening to every single person you know, truly decide what you want to spend your time, effort, even money on carefully. You don't need to find the solution to your brother's car problem, understand why your sister is still acting like a teenager when she's in her twenties, figure out why your friend's can't be in financial control or wonder when your parent's attitude will change.

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  1. Visiting from the Currently link up. I totally understand how you feel with the cleaning. It feels like as soon as we get one closet cleaned out, one of my girls has grown and we need to go through clothes again lol. Have a great weekend!

  2. Kale's memory always shocks me (particularly because mine is so horrible!).

    I'm totally with you on "picking your battles." Good advice.