Spring Concert 2013

About a week & a half ago, Michael participated in his school's Spring Concert. To be honest, I questioned how the teachers were going to get the children to perform. I mean, c'mon. He's 2. And to my surprise (again,) he did great.

Michael participated, sang, and danced to 3 songs: "Lollipop," "Boogie Woogie Flute," and Bruno Mars' "Count On Me." (And without fail, I cried during each performance.) The songs, costumes, and decor followed the theme of the night- "Spring Fling." Other classes performed songs from fifties too. It was pretty amazing to see Michael perform with his partner (another girl in the class) and actually follow the choreography his teachers have been practicing with him.

We're so proud of him.

Here's some photos of the evening. Enjoy!

P1060630 P1060627 P1060659 P1060663 P1060686


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  1. How cute ♥ It's amazing how talented kids can be :)

    Following your link from Mom's Monday Mingle.