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Happy August 01, 2013 blog readers!

As you may have noticed, I've stepped away from the blog world for a bit because of a combination of things.

One, I'm trying to find a balance between my new job(s), a busy summer, & blogging. It's a strange thought though, because I was able to do all these things while in school. (School being 2 online courses at a time, which seems to be the equivalent to my job right now. And life doesn't seem that much more busy than it always is.)

Two, sometimes I feel overwhelmed with what I feel I need to blog. I've noticed that I haven't even blogged about our awesome 4th of July weekend, all the fun events we've been doing with friends on the weekends, our Lowe's Build and Grow workshops, our new/second Prius, my husband's birthday, etc. Just looking back at it, I wish I had written something.

And three, which is the heaviest of all. I struggle with the fact of who is reading this blog. Randalin actually said it best in her blog Harvesting Kale (Thanks for the post title help too)-
Biggest blogging learning experience you've had? 
This is something I'm still learning - something I'm always trying to come to terms with in the back of my mind. There are three people that I have been close with in the past (two of whom I would have considered among my best friends) that have chosen not to have me in their life anymore. Before you go on thinking that I must be a horrible person, I should note that the reasons are all different and complex. Ok - one thinks I'm a horrible person (I'm not, I swear!).
What I'm learning, or learning to accept, is that despite this - they still have access to a big part of my life through this blog. Even though they've shut me out of theirs, this blog still welcomes them into mine. And I struggle with the unfairness of the situation.
Heavy stuff, right? Moving on...
This is probably THE main reason I have stepped away. While my situation doesn't relate entirely with hers, I am struggling to accept that there are people who are no longer in my life still having access to a big part of it through my blog. And I know "it comes with the territory" of putting your life in a public forum such as a blog, but that doesn't mean I'm not human and find this as a challenge.

That, and I'm just not as motivated.

So, to get out of this funk, and with the help of our Amazon gift card credit, my husband's push to always learn something new everyday, and one of my favorite bloggers Joy from oh joy!, I'm seeking help for this blog (and for me) by reading Blog, Inc.

If any of you have read this book or luv Joy as much as I do, please leave me a comment. Once I finish, I promise, promise, promise to give a review.

I hope you are all doing well. And I hope you continue to stay a part of this blog with me.


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