Dr. Seuss Party

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This past weekend, we were invited to a Dr. Seuss themed party for a family friend's 1 year old son. We were excited to attend this party, as we honestly don't attend many of them just for kids.  We knew it would be a treat for Michael, especially because he would be able to make some new friends and create some new memories.

We were even more excited to know that the party was catered with Mexican food. From the moment we got there, I could already smell the freshly made chips and ceviche. Now if you know anything about me, Mexican food is by far my all time favorite. They even had plenty of horchata and agua de sandia, which made for perfect summer drinks.

I am in awe of parents who go all out on decorations for a party. To me, balloons are decorations. This party had everything, Dr. Seuss themed table settings, a station to color and create your own Dr. Seuss hat, a photo booth (that they decorated to match the theme,) even the celebrants parents were dressed as Thing #1 & Thing #2.

The party wouldn't be complete without a jumper, which I had to explain to Michael that he couldn't go in because it was easily over 100 degrees in there. There was no protesting here. We opted to slide over and over again on their backyard play set. And color. Both reasons why we love children's parties.

Michael easily latched on to another boy at the party who seemed his age. They ran around, jumped, and fell a few times. But there were smiles all around. My husband and I couldn't stop asking each other if this was how he acts in school. Which I hope he does, because he seemed carefree and having so much fun.

We weren't able to stay long or even see the birthday boy (he was napping) but we had a great time.


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