Griffith Park Observatory

I'm embarrassed to say that our first trip to the Griffith Park Observatory was not very well documented.  Lately, we've been making it a habit to take our Nikon camera everywhere we go. (We even brought it when we decided to meet my husband for dinner last night before he had to go back to work.)  And what a great decision it has been.

Last weekend, we wanted to visit the Griffith Park Observatory again. Our first time there, although fun, was a challenge.  We had decided to go on Saturday, which is basically the worst decision you can make, and at sun down. The parking was horrendous.  I felt like we were in a parking line, just to park. Thankfully, we did find some close parking, but it was still a walk up the hill.

This time around, we decided to go on a Sunday, just before the sun set. We were lucky enough to find parking right by the Observatory. While my husband went around the park and properly documented the trip, I was able to sit back and relax on the grass and savor the moment.

The Griffith Park Observatory is a great place to bring a toddler.  There are things to see and do on every corner and the grass area serves as a great place for any toddler to burn off steam.  Only downside was not bringing any coins for the telescopes.  Thankfully, there was a slew of activities which kept him distracted.

We left right before the sun was scheduled to set, which was the second best decision we made as the crowds of people began to congregate at the top of the hill.  We plan on visiting again soon, at sun set. But until then, I Love LA.

Downtown LA
Can you spot Michael & I?
Hollywood Sign


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  1. There are some great hiking trails up there too, if that's your type of thing.