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Today I want to share an easy way I've been recording Michael's milestones, places we've been, pictures, and some special notes. All inspired by this commercial:

Now a little back story, I've never really been a creative, diy type.  I don't do baby books because I don't find the need to take them everywhere. (And taking them everywhere is the only way I know I will remember updating them.)  I'm not into scrap books either (did you know that they're completely different?)  There are even online versions of baby books where you can essentially download an app and record them, but again, unless they're open and on my main home screen, they're lost among my phone's sea of apps.

I was inspired by the above commercial simply because I thought it was so easy!  I decided to open a Gmail account for Michael, similar to mine and my husband's e-mail address, and e-mail him anything and everything.  Since the day he was born, I've actually e-mailed him at the end of the day every place he has been.  My husband sends him e-mails on his down time at work.  We both send him pictures and record each milestone, on the day we witnessed them.  I've scanned all his birthday and Christmas cards, daily reports from school, and all his art work from school, play dates, restaurant outings, etc. We never have to worry about some error message of an excessively large file either.  And videos?  We uploaded them onto the YouTube account connected to his Gmail account.

The biggest plus for me?  I can e-mail him anything and at any time. This works for me because I never forget to check my e-mail.  And I know that it will be saved on some kind of server, unlike text and iMessages that can easily be deleted.  It's also easily accessible and always on my home screen.

We've even e-mailed birthday invitations and evites from his e-mail as well as thank you notes for those who attended the party.  What's awesome is that many family members and friends have written him too.

Now unless Google decides to shut down, then we'll worry about that problem then. (We are prepared though and know how to backup everything on a hard drive.)  But up until now, this has probably been the best thing, besides this blog, to keep track of everything.

And I can't wait until the day Michael gets to finally read it all.


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  1. That is such an awesome idea! I think I'll do this for my girls starting now. How easy!! Genius.