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Southern California is known for it's beautiful weather. While I sometimes dread seeing a 90+ degree forecast, I count my blessings because I dread the winter even more. Yes, I'm a Californian that is always in awe of east coasters who can easily wear a shirt, shorts, and flip flops on a low 70 degree day.

We are well into the summer and I must say that the weather has been beautiful. It always feels like at times like these, fruit tastes the best.

Recently, I've been obsessed with farms and farmers markets. Ask my husband, I've been begging him to visit a farm. This may be partly to do with me picking up running again & listening to The Holistic Health Diary's latest podcast interview.

As you know from my blog, I am in no way a health nut when it comes to food. But food fascinates me and I like knowing where my food comes from. Cue the podcast.

Anyhoo, I've been finding some awesome farmers markets around our area. Which may be the reason why Michael has been obsessed with fruit lately too. I try to take him as often as I can. He's a big help in picking up the best fruit (usually the brightest in color) and his amazement in the assortment of fruits and vegetables is contagious. It just makes me want to take him again and again and again.

His most current fruit of choice?  Definitely watermelon. You may not notice it in these photos, but each one is actually a different piece of watermelon. He devoured each one like a champ.

watermelon kid Untitled

I'm a little disappointed we didn't attend the Watermelon Festival that was in town last weekend. But we hope to continue this hobby well into the fall. I hear apple picking is a fun activity that everyone seems to have on their Fall bucket lists.

How are you spending the end of summer?  Do you have any special (fruit) plans for the Fall?


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  1. Watermelon is definitely one of Kale's favourites too! I love how the juice always dribbles down his chin and makes his hands sticky - but he barely notices.

    Have you read any of Michael Pollan's stuff? He is the author that really turned me on to learning more about food. I'm so excited because he's actually coming to my city in a few weeks to speak!