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One of the things I struggle with on my blog is the fact that I get overwhelmed. Our family is constantly on the go and while I have plenty to write about, I am overwhelmed by having to write about it all. Take for example, the month of July. Everyday was packed to the brim with activities, parties, birthdays, and plans, which left me with no time to blog. And when I did have time, I didn't know where to start and often contemplated how on earth I would keep up with it all.

My husband offered me some simple advice- just blog. Those words resonated in my mind and were reinforced by the book I'm currently reading- Blog, Inc. Blogging didn't mean to capture every life moment. It just meant doing what I love- writing. Writing about anything. Not everything.

This past weekend was like one of those July weekends. But today I'm slowing it down & writing about one of our little family weekend plans that I look forward to that happened over the weekend

A few months ago, my husband and Michael attended their first Lowe's Build & Grow workshop. And since then, we've been attending every single one. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but these bimonthly workshops have been themed around Disney Pixar films. (I choose to believe its the universe aligning itself.)

These workshops are great for toddlers and kids alike. Each child receives their own apron and goggles. You're able to work together as a family, following instructions, and build some neat Disney Pixar wooden toys. We've built trucks, race cars, scarers, and just this past weekend, an airplane. You don't have to bring any tools, as the the only tool you need is a hammer. That's provided too.

Upon completion of each toy, each child also receives an iron-on patch for their apron. But be forewarned, these classes get packed. We try to arrive at the Lowe's we pre-registered at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

It's pretty amazing how much fun we have at these free workshops. I'd like to think that they give Michael a chance to build something fun from some of his favorite movies, while learning basic lessons like following directions, how to handle tools, safety, and listening to his parents. (Ha Ha Ha)

Have any of you attended these workshops? And, have any of you seen Planes yet?

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