Our Weekend With Grandma

Although my Mom is a 15 minute drive away, we hardly see her. (I hadn't really realized that since I am used to talking to her on the phone 2 plus times a day, about 20 minutes or so each time.) And we would have those weeks where we see her a few days a week, but those weeks are rare.

Earlier last week, my Mom made a special request to stay the weekend. Now if you know anything about my Mom, she doesn't ask for anything. So this came to us as a surprise. And what a joy it was to spend the time with her over the weekend.

We ate out (for every meal,) went shopping, attended Mass at a new church, rode on a few train rides, went to Disneyland, and had a fun the entire time. We also were able to savor and save each memory on our new camera, which I am obsessed with. I'm getting a lot better at my camera skills, all thanks to simply watching my husband.

We all talked heavily about some important decisions we have to make soon: where we'll be living, where Rafael will be continuing his graduate education, and how both of our jobs are going to be effected and will affect all of this. Some grown up decisions were made.

It was sad to see, though, Michael ask where Grandma was after his nap yesterday, to which I regretfully replied that she had gone back to her house. But I'm thankful we got to spend a weekend with my Mom & got to see the special bond between her and Michael grow.

It was also great to sit by and only with my husband on some rides at Disneyland. Although my hands were free (which usually were used to keep Michael from jumping off a ride) it didn't change the fact that he is still so good at arcade rides like Toy Story Midway Mania. Then again, I'm always in awe of him.

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