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We recently came across a LivingSocial deal that we could not pass up- $20 for $40 worth of shabu shabu at Yojie, a local shabu shabu restaurant and sake bar. Now if you know anything about shabu shabu, its pretty pricey. This was one of the reasons why we steered clear from trying this place out and the main reason why we could not pass up such an awesome deal.

Last Saturday, we decided to use our LivingSocial deal. Now with these kinds of deals, we're the type that need to use them immediately. Or they would be lost in our e-mail box, just waiting to expire.   Combined with the free plum sake, a benefit of checking in on Yelp, it was a pretty delicious and filling dining experience. We're glad this place is in our neighborhood.

Michael and I usually share a meal. We opted for The Geisha- 5 oz of certified angus beef, and sukiyaki sauce. This is usually my choice of sauce. My husband decided on The Samurai, which is 8 oz, with the traditional shabu shabu. Both came with our choice of either refillable white or brown rice (we chose white,) noodles, tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables.

I personally enjoyed my plate. My husband, on the other hand, felt he could've had been happier with the sukiyaki sauce. The portions were filling, to us, but were a bit pricey compared to other shabu shabu restaurants we've tried before. Pricey meaning that I felt we could've gotten more for the price they charge.

The restaurant is very kid friendly, as the seats provided plenty of space for Michael. This is quite different from other Japanese shabu shabu restaurants, as I feel like I'm always rubbing elbows with neighboring dining guests and am constantly hovering over Michael, preventing him from burning himself on the hot pots. Yojie was clean, spacious, and the decor was a fun distraction for Michael. The service was pretty good too. Our server was pretty attentive to everything we needed, and as most of you parents know, we were constantly asking for more rice, napkins, water, etc.

The best part of the meal- the green tea fondue. It topped off an amazing meal & we left with a food coma. Thank goodness it was dinner time. We then went home and relaxed the rest of our Saturday.

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