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When we finally settled in our hotel, the first and only thing we could think about was food.  We had this entire plan set out of eating at this local oyster eatery, just walking distance from our hotel.  We immediately knew we had made a mistake when we passed the oyster eatery and noticed everyone in upscale/dressy attire.  We were burdened with even more bad news when we realized the wait was an hour and a half.  Long story short, we went across the street and decided to have some Japanese food.  We figured, hey, we're in Boston, which is known for great seafood, and seafood must equal great sushi right?  Thank goodness we were right, because we didn't use yelp for this spur of the moment choice.  We ordered a few sushi rolls and fried rice, which definitely satisfied our hungry, traveling appetites.

Untitled menu kid's burger cheese fries tom brady burger

Mr. Bartley's
This place was completely packed when we got there.  But thankfully, they were able to accommodate us.  Michael is at the age where he can now independently sit in his own chair, so we didn't mind where we sat in the restaurant.  However, I would not recommend going to this restaurant with children when it was this packed.  They also do not have their own bathroom, so you would have to walk a whiles away to use a public one.  Anyhoo, typical burger joint.  Nothing too memorable.  My husband opted for the Tom Brady burger, while Michael and I shared a burger and fries.  I also got their house root bear which was delicious.  So delicious, my husband ended up finishing it.  And he's not a root beer kind of guy.

menu lobster louie pan seared scallops clam chowda

Atlantic Fish Company
This was the food experience that I was anticipating all trip long.  I can honestly say that I had never had seafood like this ever in my life.  We enjoyed our meal so much, we tried to go back the next evening.  But unfortunately, they were booked all night.  Upon seating, we were served bread.  Now here's my theory about bread- you can tell a lot about a restaurant by the bread they serve you.  This place an amazing bread.  3 kinds too!  And they did not hesitate to offer more (yes, we finished the entire basket.)  Michael ended up ordering fish and chips, which were so good!  Not your typical oily fish, but fish that just melted off the fork when you ate it.  And you see that avocado, shrimp, tomato, appetizer concoction?  The best appetizer I have ever ordered in my life!  You think they can't top that?  Oh they did.  My husband ordered the pan seared scallops, which hands down, is the best seafood dish I have ever tasted.  I would fly back to Boston just to eat here again.  It was that good.
Now the only reason I am not giving this place 5 stars is because the clam chowder, the New England freaking clam chowder was meh at best.

pit stop for a snack honey lemon goodness strawberry shortcake goodness

You take everything I said about the Atlantic Fish Company & you apply it to this dessert shop.  Best cupcakes I have ever had.  So good, we went for more the following evening.

Untitled the yuppie burger starch

This burger joint was near our hotel & right beside Fin's.  We were originally going to go here when we had first arrived in Boston, but weren't craving burgers at the time.  Since finished the Freedom Trail (post on that tomorrow) earlier than I thought we would, we decided to head back.  That was when we realized by the packed train that there was a Red Sox game.  We knew all the good eateries near us would be packed (since we were staying right by Fenway) so we decided to make a stop here instead.  Since I had cupcakes that morning, I shared a typical chicken tenders meal with Michael while my husband got that burger you see above.  I also decided to try onion rings and they were amazing!  I'm not fond of thick onion rings, so these thinly sliced ones were perfect.

Pizzaria Regina
Okay, so I have a confession.  My favorite pizza company is Sbarro.  I know, I know.  All these posts about being a foodie seem pretty useless now.  I don't know why.  Maybe it brings back childhood memory of fun times at the mall.  Whatever it is, I love me a slice of a Sbarro pepperoni pizza.  So the day we ate at this "pizzeria" was also my 30th birthday.  Atlantic Fish Company was completely booked, so my husband told me that we could eat wherever I wanted.  My second choice?  Yes, I wanted a slice of pizza and this satisfied my craving!  Pizzeria Regina is like the Sbarro of Boston.  Okay, I take that back.  Just did a Google search and there is a Sbarro in Boston!  Aye!  Anyhoo, it was yummy and exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

sweets like always

Sugar Heaven
I don't know what else to say but $10 for 2 scoops of ice cream.  It almost made me want to kick my sweet tooth for good.

On our last night in Boston, we caught a Red Sox/Yankees game.  We also decided to have dinner at the park, which was an experience all on its own.  It felt like a good old fashioned cook out- all food vendors lined 2 streets and were cooking away, smoke clogging my nose, picnic style seating, and good company all around.  Of course we had to try their hometown hot dogs which did not disappoint.  It was a great way to end our trip.


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