Boston 2013 | Freedom Trail

If you're not familiar with the Freedom Trail, it's basically a trail through Boston that takes you to 17 historical sites.  A definite must see if you ever travel to Boston.  What was great about this tourist attraction was that it was surprisingly fun.  When we first planned our trip to Boston, of course I was excited for the eateries, while my husband was excited for this.  I'm by no means a museum/historical fanatic, but my husband loves these things.  He even downloaded the Freedom Trail app to help us map our way through Boston and had brief descriptions of each site.  Gotta love technology.  We finished the trail in about an hour (making for some great cardio exercise) or so and my husband?  Best tour guide ever.

I'll let my husband's photos do the rest of the talking here.  These photos needed a post all to themselves.

park street church Untitled castle babe this guy is popular king's chapel old city hall donkey ben mr franklin boston massacre site samuel adams quincy market Untitled mr revere's house


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