Family Fun Day


Now that Michael is almost 3, I feel like he's becoming more and more fun, especially when he's around other children.  He's not as shy as he once was and he'd rather socialize and play with other kids at family parties than be carried around by mommy and daddy.  Of course, there are still those moments when he wants us around, but more so, wants us there to see him having fun with other kids.

We rarely get to see my husband's side of the family, partly because they live almost 60 miles away. We probably are able to see them at most, once a month, which may not seem like too long, but it is to us. This may be because we only live about 7 miles away from my side of the family, who we see at least once a week.

But they are family nonetheless and as the famous saying goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."  I don't know what it was, but Michael had a blast with his cousins on our once-a-month get together. You can really see how much grown up he now is and how much he enjoyed the company of his uncle and aunt. Yeah, I know. They all look around the same age, but they are actually his aunt & uncle. His uncle even commented about how Michael could talk now. They played freeze tag, shared games on the iPad, played with trains, ate a ton of food, and just had so much fun. It was great to see, making for a great Labor Day weekend.

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