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Halloween is one of those holidays I have never really celebrated.  Granted, I've dressed up and have gone trick-or-treating, but that was the extent of it.  I've never really gone all out in the decorating department and it was just recently when we decided to attend some fun Halloween events.

What I've never understood was spending x amount of dollars on costumes.  For one thing, it would only be used once a year and in Michael's case, ever.  He's growing at an extremely fast rate and it would be a complete waste of money to purchase a costume.  And costumes are pretty pricey.

I'm also not into diy costumes.  I believe its the same philosophy as purchasing a costume- you're essentially ruining a perfectly nice outfit in order to save a few bucks.  But you're still spending money on something that you may possibly not use again. Or ruin a completely nice plain shirt for the sake of creating a costume.

That's why today, I'm sharing what we've done for Michael these past 2 years.

Last year, Michael was The Hulk.  The Disney Store was running a great deal that we took advantage of and used their unique pajama set as a costume.  (We also had a gift card, so his costume was basically free.)  Combined with a Hulk mask and those Hulk smash hands, that most of us already might have, make for a great costume.  We even had green Vans that we used to perfect the costume.


And as you can see, my husband got in on the Marvel action too!

This year, Michael wanted to be Thor.  We searched far and wide for a Thor costume and it proved to be one of the more costliest costumes because of how intricate it is.  There's a cape, armor, mask, hammer, etc. and it all adds up.  This year, we again searched the Disney store.  And they again had a great deal on a Thor hoodie (with free shipping) which essentially looked like the costume.  It even came with the red cape and head gear.  Combined with the hammer we already have, match it up with some plain black pants and black shoes and TA DA- instant Thor costume!

So you can say it's sorta a diy costume, but the hoodie can definitely be used again, and again, and again for this fall season and upcoming winter months.

If there are any other costume ideas you can share, please do so.


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