Parent & Me Multi-Sport

Seeing some of my favorite bloggers post about their kids joining a sports program has inspired me to write about our experience with our city's sports program.

We enrolled Michael about 2 weeks ago into what is called Parent & Me Multi-Sport.  The program is exactly as it is named- a parent and child interactive class that teaches kids of fundamentals of various sports.

We enrolled Michael in the 3 to 5 year old age group class, which meets every Saturday morning at a local park for a half an hour.  Kids are taught by their coach about a specific sport: how to effectively stretch, fundamentals, the rules of the game, what to do when their coach is speaking, how to listen, how to share and take turns, and teamwork, all with the assistance of each parent.

Why did we choose this instead of going straight to one sport?  Simply because we wanted to give Michael the opportunity to choose what he wanted.  It was a great opportunity for him to be exposed to different sports in one sports program.

He had a great time the first 2 weeks of the class, which focused primarily on basketball.  Granted, there were some moments when he would rather kick the ball (soccer begins this Saturday) but we felt he did a great job overall.  It was also an eye opener.  Just think about it.  I thought dribbling a ball was easy but if you're going to teach a 3 year old that concept, its much more complex.

It was also pretty cool because their coach brought in a basketball rim that stood at about Michael's height, making for shooting the ball much easier.  It was so cute watching all the kids attempt to make baskets.  It really does take some serious arm strength!

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  1. Awww! He looks like he's having such a great time! There is a similar program around here called "sport-ball," but I thought all the different sports might be a bit overwhelming. After our whole soccer experience, I might re-think registering him in sport-ball if things don't turn around!