Day Out With Thomas


The Day Out With Thomas has to be, hands down, THE most anticipated AND exciting thing Michael's done all year.  He was most excited about this event, from the moment we bought our tickets.  How excited?  More than any plane flight, more than his birthday party, or even an trip to Disneyland, that's the excitement level we're talking about.

Now from the get go, I was a little wary purchasing the tickets.  Thomas is not a toy of Michael's that I particularly enjoy.  Something about this talking train has always irked me.  Maybe it's the annoying trains we have running at all hours of the day in our home.  Not enough tracks to accommodate these trains, leaving some left to run wild under the sofa.  With batteries running out at the end of each day, some which were just changed that morning.

But Michael really enjoys them.  And therefore, I must like them.

The tickets were $19 a person.  And from the looks of the preview video, driving almost 50 miles to the nearest tour stop didn't seem to fun for us parents.  Michael's that age too where he needs a ticket to special events such as these.  Therefore, we debated back and forth for quite some time about spending almost $60 to attend the event.

As soon as we showed Michael the video, we knew we were making the right choice.  He didn't forget from the moment we purchased the tickets to the day of that we were going to it and were reminded regularly of our trip to see Thomas.

So here's my review of the actual event.  It was fun.  REALLY fun.  When we first got there, we immediately rode Thomas.  The ride was kinda lame though.  We rode for 10 minutes away from the train museum and right back.  But seeing Michael's facial expressions as well as the excitement of all the other kids in our train car was pretty amazing.  They all truly believed we were riding Thomas.

The day was filled with all kinds of events too, which I was pleasantly surprised about.  They had photo opportunities, a scavenger hunt (with an awesome prize when completed,) real trains to tour, a story area and viewing area of Thomas episodes, activity area where kids can ride miniature trains, play with them, and another area where they could color, sticker, stamp, and get temporary tattoos, mazes to run through, and a petting zoo.

And for us parents, parents was completely complimentary, which is a definite bonus in my book.  They even had a Thomas store, which literally had every Thomas item one can think of.  This may or may not be a good thing for us parents actually.

So would I recommend families to go?  Definitely.  We had a great time.

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  1. This just looks SO cute! My little brother was a big Thomas fan and I wish I'd known about something like this to take him on. The second photo, with Michael clearly so excited in front of Thomas, is my favorite!

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging

    1. Thank you for stopping by Lauren! :) We had missed all the Thomas events in our area the year before so we were so happy that it came back.