La Verne Pumpkin Patch School Field Trip

Our very first trip to the pumpkin patch about 3 years ago was pretty awful.  We had gone to a local pumpkin patch when they just opened for the morning.  It was empty.  The people who ran the pumpkin patch along with every single worker there looked like they didn't give a damn.  And to be honest, it was kind of dull and boring.  We don't even think Michael had that much fun.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  He was probably too young to even grasp the concept of what was going on (he was only 2 months old.)

When I saw that Michael's school had scheduled a Pumpkin Patch field trip, I kind of hesitated on whether or not for him to go.  I gave it a double thought and decided to sign not only him up but myself to chaperon.  What a great decision it was!

Not only was this pumpkin patch a completely different experience, it was a fun one from the moment we stepped off their yellow school bus.  Once off, we immediately rode a tractor!  We were then able to tour the pumpkin patch, visit the farm animal stalls (and pet them,) and learned about the lifestyle of early farmers and recent ones who actually run pumpkin patches like this one.  Each child was also able to pick their own pumpkin and decorate them.

DSC_1192 DSC_1199 DSC_1206 DSC_1216 ready to paint

It was overall fun AND educational experience for kids and adults alike.  I can't wait until we visit another one next year.


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