Movie Monday | 11/18/2013

We often joke around with Michael & ask him where Michael is.  For any child or adult, it would be a silly question but for Michael, it's a fun game.  Answers often are a pointed figure to self with an excited "Right here!"  Sometimes though, we decide to change up the question and ask him what his name is or if his name is (insert random yet familiar name here.)  About 99.9% of the time, the answer is "Michael" or "No, I'm Michael" if the random name was given.

That other 0.1%?  He's Superman.

So, without further ado, here's our review of Man of Steel.

MovieMan of Steel
Rating!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Henry Cavill made for the perfect Clark Kent, Superman, Kal El, whatever you want to call him.  Finally!  A movie with a handsome man!  (Our movies lately consisted of just beautiful actresses as leads.)  And I learned, finally, why Superman has such a weakness to kryptonite.  It couldn't be anymore obvious.
Downside- Did I miss something here?  Is this the real story of Superman?  Granted, I have never read a single Superman comic in my life, but this entire story was new to me.  Why such cheesy dialogue amidst an action packed movie?  Is Lois Lane really a redhead?  Where were the costume changes in a phone booth?  And more importantly, why doesn't anyone recognize that Cark Kent is Superman!?  He looks exactly the same!!!


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